We’re so excited to see what rug designer Wendy Morrison is getting up to these days. Wendy originally studied fashion design and after graduating from The Scottish College of Textiles, she worked in the industry for around 8 years, where she quickly developed a reputation as a talented designer.

…”most of my work was in London and opportunities arose for me to work freelance from home, so I moved up to rural Scotland, bought a cottage in the most idyllic location but in serious need of some loving care, most of all a new roof .  Rather bizarrely I came across a rug tufter down by the beach who happened to be looking for a designer……..I was delighted to give it a go. One year later I went out on my own and created my first collection based on colour and the feelings it evokes. One of which was shortlisted for a Design and Decoration Award, which gave me the confidence to carry on…”

Celebration 2 rug by Wendy Morrison


Rug Design Company was formed in 2004 and for the past eight years they have  focused on the design and creation of bespoke rugs for Interior Designers, Architects, and discerning residential customers.  Generally speaking Wendy designs all the rugs herself, however over time her bespoke service has become more of a team effort, where she works closely with an interior designer or private client to achieve the desired finish. This includes deciding on the right colours, composition etc ensuring that it all falls within the desired budget.

Bloom rug by Wendy Morrison

Up until this year, all the rugs have been made locally in Scotland, however, with this new collection – now available to view on-line;  Wendy is hoping to target the retail market as well as interior designers.  It has taken Wendy over a year to find an alternative supplier abroad who is capable of providing superior quality and service at a more achievable price.

Wendy’s signature style is clearly derived from her surroundings, with her inspirations coming from nature and colour.

Wendy has decided against a showroom for the moment, but her aim is to have a rug in a retail store in every city, in order to make it very easy for potential clients to see her work no matter where they are located around the country.

Typically Wendy’s rugs are available in 2 sizes; 170 x 240cm and 200 x 300cm. However, she is more than happy to to work to a specific size or a customised colour scheme requirement.

Spring Meadow rug by Wendy Morrison

What we LOVE most is that Wendy’s rugs are made predominantly from natural materials and as Wendy says  “are most likely to last a lifetime”.  Wendy prefers to use a lot of New Zealand wool which she describes as “very soft and fine”, certainly one of the best for defining pattern and also quite cost effective when compared to the likes of silk.  Wendy is making more and more use of Bamboo yarn as it is incredibly durably, has a beautiful lustre similar to silk, and as its such a fast growing plant – an easy and renewable resource.

Wendy’s biggest challenge to date  has been creating HUGE rugs for the new BBC Quay House in Manchester, although she has also worked on other large commercial commissions.


The best bit of  advice she’s been given….?

“Get out and talk to people… it is always so tempting to hide yourself away behind the computer, but it is also good to get out and more often than not meet like minded people who also love beautiful things and chat and build relationships.”

Sounds like a good plan to us! Why don’t you let us know what you think about her rugs?