We love the simplicity, beauty and tactility of the products created by Greenwich-based White Dove & Wonder. Husband and wife team, Jimmy and Susan Gaston have demonstrated great design foresight and a commendable sense of responsibility to our industrial heritage by restoring these “shoe lasts” that date from the 1930s, turning them into highly covetable items for the home.

Although shoe lasts made from hardwood are still in use today, they are the preserve of the bespoke shoemaker. High density plastic that can withstand the processes associated with mass production are now much more common.

We think that White Dove and Wonder’s products will look great just about anywhere and although first impressions might conjure up images of gentlemen’s clubs and country house libraries, we can see them working equally well in:

  • Bootrooms
  • Coastal cottages, and
  • Uber-modern apartments with an industrial edge.

And in case you’re wondering, the beautiful 4-legged model featured on the website who answers to the name of Pearl, is not for sale!


The design process



A 1930’s shoe last gets a new lease of life


Coat hooks to suit a variety of settings