In homage to a very close friend & client who very recently gave birth to 2 healthy beautiful baby boys, this weeks post is dedicated to their new family. There is a nesting instinct that kicks in with most mum’s-to-be and our lovely friend was no exception. She went through many many options before we helped her choose her perfect wallpaper (and colour scheme) for her wonderful new nursery.

Below are a few of the delightfully fun, colourful and imagination-provoking wallpaper options that we had great pleasure in sourcing.

Why don’t you let us know your favourite!


100 Acre wood by Jane Churchill

Paddington Bear in London by Jane Churchill

Thomas the Tank Engine by Jane Churchill

Winnie the Pooh & Balloons by Jane Churchill

D’ya-think-e-saurus by Paperboy

Ere-be-dragons by Paperboy

Ohoy is drawn by 8-year old Otto Dunker, found at Fine Little Day

Peter Pan by Emma Molony

Whimsical Hot Air Balloons by Schumacher

Bespoke Mini-themed wallpaper